What Do You Think About Renting Movies Online Vs The Video Store?

Discussion in Movies, Music & Games started by Soulwatcher • Jan 1, 2018.

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    Dec 12, 2017
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    Back in the day, there was only one choice, you had to go to the video store to rent a movie or you had to buy it. And years later you could rent a movie off of your cable provider. And now there is only 1 video store near me the rest have closed down. But we do a Redbox which is a kiosk where you can rent a movie for $1.50 DVD or $2 for blue-ray.

    Having said that there are a lot of online movie rental places and I would much rather rent a movie online and pay $4.99 vs driving to get the move and driving to take the movie back. By the time you do that you have already spent more than $4.99 with the price of the movie and paying for gas. What do you think about renting movies online vs the video store?