Medicare and Medicaid

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    Mar 23, 2013
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    I am nearly 70, and low income, so I have been using Medicare and Medicaid for my doctor bills. The Medicaid also pays for my heart medicine.
    I just talked to an agent that sells Medicare Advantage Supplements. He explained to me that even though the state only signs a person up for the basic prescription coverage, that they will also pay for a plan that covers things like vision , basic dental, and even for a membership to Silver Sneakers.
    Silver Sneakers is a fitness network for seniors, and because they are starting to focus more on keeping a person healthy than having to pay the medical bills when the person is unhealthy; they are very happy to have this program for seniors.
    Even if you are only on Medicare; they have this program, and the rates are still very low to get it.
    So, if you are a senior, or have a senior member of your family, this might be something that you want to check into.
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    I love the fact that you are tech savvy at 70, and I love the fact that you are taking care of yourself in the best way that you can. Health insurance and yes, life insurance, are two very good ways by which you can ensure that you keep a healthy life during your senior years. Both these types of insurance offer a good return on money spent. Currently, I am looking towards getting myself and my wife health insurance as we have been out of a plan for quiet some time now. I've been using Medicare over the years and I am pleased with them a lot so I'll definitely go and do business with them again.