How Fringe Roaming Can Cost A Fortune

Discussion in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks started by J. Arizin • Apr 10, 2015.

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    Mar 13, 2015
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    First of all, what is fringe roaming. This is an expense that occurs when someone staying close the the US border is falsely charged international roaming minutes because of vicinity. A phone call made technically in the US is chopped up into domestic and international roaming. For example, if you make a 15 minute call a few miles away from the border, don't be shocked to see a few minutes within that call considered as roaming in your bill. For People actually living near the border and not visiting it, autopay system, paperless billing or utter negligence can cost you a fortune over time. Whenever I see this happen, fringe roaming costs are usually around only $5-$10 which some may not bother looking into. If you stayed/live near the border and international roaming costs are in your bill without you leaving the country, contact a representative immediately and they can add a code into your account disabling all roaming capabilities of your service. You would still be able to make/receive calls in the US with this code. The only bad effect is that you have to call in to get international services.