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    I recently activated a Paypal account for online shopping, and I founds out that they have a service called Hop. Shop. Go. Based on the website, this service allows international shoppers, such as myself, to buy stuff from stores with online shops in the U.S. You will be given a "storage" address in Oregon (if I am not mistaken), so you will not pay extra when it comes to international shipping fees. For a given set of time, all your items will be stored in that address, and when you are ready, Hop.Shop.Go will forward all your purchases to you.

    When I first read the terms and conditions, I was interested because my main problem when it comes to online shopping is international shipping. Also, it is certified by PayPal, so I think that it is legitimate. Does anyone ever tried using this service? If so, did you encounter any problems? Was the service satisfactory?

    Any comment will be appreciated. Thank you very much!