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Discussion in Credit Cards started by jneanz • Mar 4, 2016.

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    I got this credit card for a second time (the first was to build business credit) with the intention of using it for emergencies. In the meantime, as I paid off some old bills (fell on hard times due to extended illness), better credit cards came my way.

    So I decided to use the First Premier for a couple of small purchases. No problem because I paid off the balance before end of billing cycle. Then I got super busy after making one small purchase.

    Last week, I get this phone call from First Premier. This lady had the worst sounding voice in history. It was nasally like Fran Drescher, loud like Flo the Waitress and she kept repeating everything and talking over me. Don't know if this is a tactic but I paid off the entire balance just to stop hearing her voice. Then I looked at the online statement.

    On top of paying for the annual fee, there is now a monthly service fee of $15 where I was billed twice. Over the course of a few weeks my balance went from $35 to almost $135, with all their charges and such. To her credit, she offered to waive the late fee but that voice made my head hurt.
    Anyway, according to my financial literacy class, I can investigate this and see if these fees stick. Seems they tried to

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    before but the feds stepped in. And I will close the card at whatever risk to my FICO score.