DSL Extreme - A Cheap Verizon Alternative

Discussion in Internet Broadband Access started by Mika • Jan 15, 2015.

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    Jan 14, 2015
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    Tired of paying the high costs of internet? I sure was. I decided to look around and came across

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    . I'll start off by saying that they don't have the best customer service. I'm not going to pretend they're the best company ever, but they definitely have saved me a lot of money.

    They have a few different types of internet:

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    offers higher bandwidth rates at pretty affordable costs. I'm not sure where they're offered, but I couldn't get it where I live.
    I got the standard

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    . It costs $25 for a 3.0Mb connection. Verizon was offering me around $50 for the same speed and a required phone line (which would have came with some nasty monthly fees attached). Every so often DSL Extreme has better deals though. At one point they were offering $30 for their 7Mb connection for new buyers.

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    is internet and phone. Internet is 20Mbps and there is unlimited nationwide calls. They only offer it in select towns in California though.

    It took a few weeks for them to get here and hook it up. Since they're a subcontractor, they can't do much about any problems - you would have to call Verizon. It can also be a bit costly if you don't know how to hook it up - it's not hard though and they walk you through it. Plug a cord from the wall to the modem -> plug a cord from the modem to your computer/router. You also have to already have a line run to The House or you have to pay for it. Also, you want to make sure you pick the plan you want right off the bat. Upgrading or downgrading will make you loose your wonderful discount. I've heard you can convince the sales reps to give you better rates - but I haven't needed to yet.

    It definitely can get a bit costly if you don't have things already set up, but honestly, I haven't had any issues at all. So it's a great alternative for me.
    Oh and another thing to note: It is a 1 year contract. They offered a monthly service at one point, but I can't seem to find anything about it online. You could call and ask.